Welcome to a Brand New Thrift Store

It took us awhile to figure out how to come up with this concept of a NEW thrift store. I wanted to bring something unique and I think we have finally done it. Our store currently resides in Elgin, SC but we want to bring our great deals to everybody. We sell Brand New Products at more affordable prices. How do we do this by going online and searching for the best deal there is and going lower then what is out there. Now not all products are able to be better discounted but 95% of our products are and there are some amazing deals on our website. We are not like the corporate business out there and hike prices up. Our prices will never go up just because I found a better deal online. Our customer service is better then you can imagine a small business having. We strive to do the best we can and to make you wanna come back and see what we got. We try to get new boxes in every week so there is always something new coming in the store. If you have any suggestions on how to make something better please send us a message and we will look into it. All feed back is looked at. We have already improved improved the store front from some suggestions that were sent in.